Amarin Café
617 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 349-2788
Step out of the surrounding kielbasa fest. Delicious Thai just off the Polish strip of Nassau Avenue. Delivery available. Locate it.

Erb Everyday Thai (formerly Thai Too)
681 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 349-8215
Erb blends into the motley facades of mid-block Manhattan Avenue, so it is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. Some contend it’s the best Thai in the neighborhood. Good food with friendly service. Delivery available. Locate it.

Moon Shadow
643 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 609-1841
Moon Shadow receives rave reviews, without dissent. Free delivery. Located on the corner of Bedford and Manhattan. Locate it.

970 Manhattan Ave. Phone:
Opened in 2004, OTT is a new Thai contender in the neighborhood, with food equal to its competitors. Try it and see. The service is friendly and personable. Delivery available. Locate it.

Thai Cafe
925 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 383-3562
People beget people, or so it would seem. Thai Cafe is almost always crowded. If you want spicy, make sure that you specify your preference, as they may err on the side of caution. Delivery available. Locate it.

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