Luncheonette Fountain (a.k.a. “B’s” or “The Greeks”)
Nassau Avenue at N. Henry Street
This is where the neighborhood gets their burgers and ice-cream. $1.25 cheese-burgers with fresh made patties. Also goes by the name “B’s” (as that’s the woman behind the counter) or “The Greeks”. Literally a greasy spoon, but don’t let the facade turn you away. Across the street from Monsignor McGolrick Park. Open until 11pm. Locate it.

Manhattan Three Decker Restaurant
695 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 389-6664
An American diner, with an added variety of triple-decker sandwiches on the menu. If you’re staying at the Greenpoint YMCA, breakfast here is included (and yes, proof is required). Locate it.

Rudy’s Place
180 Franklin St. Phone: (718) 383-4394
As of Spring 2004, out of 82 items on the menu, only 12 are over $5.00. Rudy’s serves both breakfast and lunch, closing at 4pm daily. Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 4pm; Saturday: 10am – 4pm. Free delivery with $4 minimum. Locate it.

Socrates Restaurant
931 Manhattan Ave. Phone: (718) 349-7501
An Americanised Greek restaurant, with good fare in the ambiance of an American diner. For special Greek courses take note of the daily lunch specials. Standard American food is also available. Locate it.

Sunset Diner
593 Meeker Ave. Phone: (718) 349-2777
Located at the southern edge of Greenpoint. The menu is all inclusive, including specialty sandwiches named after many Hollywood celebrities. The “Pamela Anderson”, “David Letterman” and the “John Wayne” are just some examples of the sandwiches to be had for under $6. Free delivery as well as daily specials. Locate it.

Uncle Paulie’s Restaurant
Greenpoint Avenue and Monitor Street
As quoted by the New York Times, the owner, Paul Pedro Jr. said: “People are most happy when they’re eating. I give ‘em a nice, full plate. If they’re still hungry, I fill it up.” Locate it.

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